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Freelance Clients

Creative Copywriting Samples

Client: Build-A-Bear Workshop

Project: The Gaylord Hotel Nashville Christmas Scavenger Hunt booklet

Children used Snowburst the Bear and a creative booklet to track down items hidden throughout the expansive resort. This introductory poem kicked off the fun.

Client: Creative Kingdoms

Project: MagiQuest Theme Park Hint Book

Without the help of the ultra-clever Hint Book, magi would never stand a chance of tracking down the items needed for each Quest and Adventure. These Healing Rune Quest poems kept the action going.  

Client: Mom 365

Project: Peak Season Valentine Email

No one does newborn photography like Mom 365. A Peak Season email campaign with heartwarming images and copy promised new moms unforgettable pictures of their newest family member.

Client: Trendmasters Toys

Project: C-Watch Toy Story 2 Package Copy

Only the coolest kids in the 1990s had talking C-Watches on their wrists. Sound effect scripts, package and catalog copy kept the fun right on time for hit properties like Star Wars, Pokemon, Marvel Comics, Disney, Austin Powers, South Park, WWE Wrestling, Nsync, and this Toy Story 2 Woody watch.

Client: Konica Minolta via Maritz Motivation Solutions

Project: Dealer Incentive Trip mailer

Top-performing Konica Minolta dealers revved up sales to be one of a select few to travel to Ireland, Scotland and the British Isles as a prize for their efforts. This Scotland page from the Discover Royal Legends campaign offered a glimpse into the Scottish leg of the memorable trip.